Building 2 - Give a brick - stone


It has been your donations over the years that have helped this ministry bless God and help people.  Donations to THE OPERATING FUND maintain the office, pay Canon Mark a salary, help churches that might not afford a conference led by a distant speaker to have one, and make possible the printing and mailing of this Newsletter.  THE BUILDING FUND has enabled us to buy 7+ acres of land, erect the first building (medical, counseling and massage rooms, business offices), and erect The Meeting House (for worship and conferences).  We still have some work to do to finish The Meeting House and we are already making plans for The Residence (where people can come and stay on retreat, or for ministry.)  Would you help us, please?

Would you consider a donation at this time?  It can go entirely to The Operating Fund, entirely to The Building Fund, or to both — please specify how much you want to go to each. For a donation of $200-599 we will place a brick on a walkway; for $600 and above a paving stone.

Let us know what you would like carved — a thanksgiving, honoring  a loved one, your name, a Bible verse, or some-  thing funny.  BRICKS  can hold three (3) lines  of up to thirteen (13)  characters; PAVING STONES seven (7) lines of up to thirteen characters.  Thank you.

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