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“Basic Christianity” as Sung in Our Favorite Christmas Carols

Alternate Healing?

Biblical Christians and the Hollywood Media

Blue Christmas

Canon Mark’s English Adventure

Caring For Women Who have Had Abortions

Church and State and the Corona Virus

David Wilkerson’s Recent Prophecy

Did Jesus Christ Actually Live?

Fear Not!

Give Thanks


God Comes To Us So We Can Be Reconciled To Him And To Others

God is Big and He Does Stuff

Good vs. Best

Growth In Christ Is A Team Effort

Have Faith In God

Hanukkah for Christians

Haunted Houses: Places Where Things “Go Bump in the Night”

How Could God Possibly Use Me?

Inner Healing

Is Jesus Really God Made Human?

Is My Faith In Healing Necessary For Me To Be Healed?

It’s Not Just The Risen Christ Appeared, It’s Also How

It’s Both/And

Jesus and the Woman at the Well

Jesus Calms the Storms

Jesus, The Good Shepherd

Jesus’ Identity, Purpose, and Charge

Jonah, The Reluctant Prophet

Lost and Found

Money in the Bank

Rector/Pastor, Here’s Why You Should Have a Healing Ministry in Your Church

Redemption Rock

Should We Baptize Babies (co-authored with The Rev. Canon David M. Baumann, SSC)

Should We Believe In Hell?

Some Practical Help for Your Lenten Discipline

Sometimes You Will See Yourself When Helping Others

Spiritual Warfare

Taking In and Giving Out

That Very Important Little Word “AND”

The 40 Days of Easter

The Ascension of Jesus

The Crucifix in the Manger

The Feast of Pentacost

The Healing of Harms

The Rich Man and Lazarus

The Second Coming of Christ: Just The Basics, Please

The Soul of the Lion, The Heart of the Woman: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and the Battle of Gettysburg

The Truth About the Devil

Turning Water into Wine

We Have Access

What’s This Business About Tithing?

Who is The Holy Spirit?

Why Did This Happen to Me?

Why Does God Allow Evil?

Why Is Christmas So “Merry”?

Working Together With God

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