ICR’s Material Archived At Oral Roberts University

Institute’s Material  Archived for Scholarly Research

by Mark E. Roberts, Ph.D.,           

Associate Professor and Director,

Holy Spirit Research Center,

Oral Roberts University,

 Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Holy Spirit Research Center (HSRC) at Oral Roberts University (Tulsa, Oklahoma) is pleased to collect publications from Canon Pearson and the Institute for Christian Renewal (ICR).  These materials are ideal for the HSRC collection because they witness firsthand to ongoing Holy Spirit renewal in the church today;  and the HSRC has the unique mission of supporting study of the Holy Spirit — His Person and work, from biblical times throughout Christian history to today’s worldwide revival.

The Center is a multi-media and multi-lingual treasury of resources for those who study and tell the story of the Spirit’s work in the earth.  You can think of us as a warehouse of “parts” — books, audio-visual items, journals, newsletters, and other documents — for the study of the Spirit, not only as a doctrine of the faith but also as God Himself actively renewing His creation (Genesis 1:1 with John 1:1).  Materials from Canon Pearson and ICR enrich this treasury and help fulfill the Center’s mission.

I’ve said this directly to Canon Pearson: Your ministry, to me, represents an especially appealing 21st-century example of the classic denominational charismatic renewal; and its New England location, along with your wife’s partnership in ministry with you as a physician  integrating Spirit matters (which lay at the heart of Oral Roberts’ aim, evidenced by his commitment to found the unfortunately short-lived City of Faith med school/teaching hospital),  heightens that appeal.  If you notify us that you want to use the HSRC, we’ll register you as a library guest and look forward to welcoming you when you arrive.

You’ll have access at no charge to our over 20,000 items, along with our assistance in helping you use them.  Besides Canon Pearson’s books and tapes, you’ll also find the latest issues of the ICR Newsletter on the open shelving holding hundreds of other Holy Spirit-related magazines, newsletters, and journals).

We serve many patrons each year, from students at ORU to visitors wishing to study some aspect of the Holy Spirit or of Pentecostal/charismatic history to graduate students working on dissertations and established scholars and ministers working on their next book.  We’re able to serve guest researchers at no charge because others generously support ORU as well as donate items to help our collection grow and serve generations of researchers to come.

Feel free to contact me directly if you want to know more about the HSRC, or are considering visiting. 

Dr. Mark E. Roberts



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