by Canon Mark A. Pearson

It’s often been said that Christians believe in the Resurrection of Jesus because an empty tomb was found. But all the empty tomb proves is that no body was found, not that Christ rose. It’s the forty days of post-Resurrection appearances, to ones and twos, to the faithful apostles, and to over five hundred at one time, that proves He’s alive.

Thank God for the liturgical year which mandates an Easter season. In so many churches once the last service of Easter morning is over, so is Easter, and planning is for the next “holy days” of Mother’s Day and Children’s Sunday.

But it’s not just that the risen Christ appeared, it’s also how.

At first the disciples did not recognize the risen Christ. In part it was because Jesus was now in His resurrection body, similar in many ways to His pre-crucifixion body, but also different. In part it was also because, despite how often He spoke of His resurrection, they could not get their minds around this incredible truth. But the chief reason was because God the Father was keeping their eyes from recognizing Him so the manner in which He would be recognized as the risen Christ would be seen as important for the on-going life of the Church. It wasn’t just that the risen Christ appeared. It’s also how.

To Mary Magdalene the “gardener” was seen to be the risen Jesus as He called her name. Personal, intimate. Christianity is many things. One of these is a personal, intimate relationship with the Lord of the universe. The part of the Church we call “Evangelical” rightly stresses one’s coming to know Jesus as “personal Lord and Savior,” and a disciple’s daily quiet time with the Lord.

To the travelers to Emmaus the fascinating stranger who had accompanied them on their walk was seen to be the risen Jesus as He “broke bread,” an early Church term for the Holy Communion. Liturgical, sacramental. Christianity is many things. One of these is the understanding that God Who deemed His physical creation “good,” uses physical things as ways of bestowing objective grace and blessing. The part of the Church we call “Sacramental” (sometimes called “catholic”) rightly emphasizes this.

To the seven by the Sea of Galilee, the stranger, a hundred yards away, shouting as to where fish would be found was seen to be the risen Jesus as His “word of knowledge” proved true and a memory was triggered of a previous time Jesus had similarly informed them. Supernatural, charismatic. Jesus’ mighty works (supernatural deeds, manifestations of signs and wonders) were not done in His divine nature. Otherwise, how could He tell us to do the works He did? Rather, they were expressions of His Spirit-filled human nature. Christianity is many things. One of these is participation in the supernatural workings of the Holy Spirit, never made “unavailable to the Church.” The part of the Church we call “Charismatic” (or “Pentecostal”) rightly emphasizes this.

Evangelical, sacramental, charismatic. “Three Streams” of the faith. It is sometimes asserted that the Early Church never thought in terms of “Three Streams.” Of course not! They just participated in a full, rich integration of them. It is necessary for us to think in terms of “Three Streams” because we have dis-integrated them, valuing but one or two of the “streams” but not the mighty river.

The risen Christ appeared in these different ways because each of these different ways is important to His Church. Dare we, who boldly assert “He is risen!” settle for less?

Have a blessed Easter season.

Fifty Days of Glory- A new book by Canon Mark

Fifty Days of Glory- A new book by Canon Mark

Just in time for Easter … we are pleased to announce the publication of Canon Mark’s book FIFTY DAYS OF GLORY. It’s about that special season in the Church Year between Easter and Pentecost. Many people think “Easter” is just Easter morning, but the resurrected Jesus walked this earth for forty days before ascending back to heaven. Then there was that ten day waiting period for the disciples before the Holy Spirit fell on Pentecost. The trouble is, there’s not much in print to explain the various biblical events during this period and help us apply them to our lives. Until now. You can order FIFTY DAYS OF GLORY right now and we can ship it to you immediately. COST OF THE BOOK = $16.99. Add postage/handling ($3.75 for 1 or 2 books OR 8% of the cost of the books for 3 or more books). **Checks to Institute for Christian Renewal, 80 Route 125, Kingston, NH 03848. **By credit card call us at 603 642 3002 mornings (Eastern Daylight Time) Tuesday to Friday.



You can see from the photo below that progress continues on the next building. Much of the work is now inside — plumbing, fire sprinkler system, heating-ventilation-air-conditioning, wires for audio-visual system. However, there’s a financial short fall in what we need to open and use this building. We need another $40,000. But a married couple has stepped up and said they would match dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000 between now and June 30 what our friends donate. Can you help us? Tax-deductible donations to Institute for Christian Renewal, 80 Route 125, Kingston, NH 03848. Want to give by credit card? Call us at 603 642 3002 Tuesday through Friday mornings (Eastern Daylight time). Thank you ever so much … and continue to keep us in your prayers. — Canon Mark Pearson


On October 9 ground was broken for our next building.  We are building it in stages, with “stopping points” along the way.  That way we can avoid bank financing and all the red tape and paper work accompanying it.  Commercial loans are at a higher rate and come with much more of that red tape and paper work than home mortgage loans.  We’re starting with the chapel / teaching space.  It will allow worship and teaching on the ground floor and to a much larger gathering of people.  For worship alone the room should hold about 80 people.  For worship with fellowship hour afterwards, about 50.  For conferences with people seated around tables approximately 38. 
The first step is building the building itself.  Counting money on hand with the expectation of the usual Fall fundraising drive amount raised, we ALMOST have enough for the building.  We are praying people will step up and give more generously this year so we can not only complete the building before snow flies but also finish the interior over the winter.
Will you help us?  Your donation may be made to Institute for Christian Renewal and mailed to 80 Route 125, Kingston, New Hampshire  03848-3535.  As we are a 501 c 3 non-profit religious organization, your gift is tax-deductible.

Special Dedication Service

Special Service, Sunday, August 5, 10:00 a.m.
We’re dedicating a bench in the Memorial Garden given in loving memory of R. Stanley and Madeline W. Pearson — Canon Mark’s grandparents by their daughter Nancy and her husband Robert Smith.  We’re doing this dedication in the context of our Sunday worship service. The service will be outside by the Memorial Garden.  We hope you can come.  We’ll have chairs and some umbrellas to provide shade.  Lunch will be provided afterwards.  We hope you’ll come and join with us.
Location is the Institute for Christian Renewal / Healing Center property, 80 Route 125, Kingston, New Hampshire.

You Are Invited

CLEAN UP MORNING, Saturday, June 2
Our center is blessed with beautiful grounds and we can use your help both to clean up the legacy of the winter and also to do some work on various projects. We’ve got something at every level of experience, expertise and physical ability. Clean up morning runs from 9 am to noon followed by a light lunch. Bring bug spray, sun tan lotion, work gloves, and whatever garden tools you wish. For more information call Sundy Clark at 603 483 2972 or email her at
Over the years many people have donated at certain financial levels, sometimes just in their own name, sometimes in thanksgiving for something special, and sometimes in loving memory of someone. We have commemmorated those people with their names carved into bricks and paving stones, placed on a beautiful path around the Ten Commandments / Beatitudes Monument on the Healing Center property. We will be having a special time of dedication at 11 a.m. on June 9. Then we’ll do a prayer walk around the property and have a brief explanation of what’s next, including the second building and the Formal garden. A light lunch follows. Any questions call the Institute for Christian Renewal office at 603 642 3002.