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  • Christian Healing: A Practical and Comprehensive Guide. Solid Biblical teaching and practical suggestions for individuals and healing teams. $16.
  • Why Can’t I Be Me? Personality Types explained and insights applied to interpersonal relationships, working together with others, and our spiritual walk with God. $15.
  • The Basics of the Faith. Using the Catechism of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer as a jumping off point, solid teaching on basics. Many churches using the Book of Common Prayer use this book for adult new membership classes as well as for adult study groups. $7.
  • Boot Camp for Christians.Forty easy-to-read chapters $12.
    • describing the events of each of the seasons of the Church Year
    • explaining some basic doctrines
    • applying Christian truth to daily life


  • And So It Was Just Because.  By Jessica Matt A children’s book with beautiful illustrations and a simple text  to help young children understand God’s creation culminating in the creation of humans, because, as the book ends, “All along He wanted you.”$12.99
  • Wonderful Names of Our Wonderful Lord. Jesus is referred to with hundreds of names in the Bible. Here’s a treasure trove of them with Screipture references and a one paragraph commentary on each. This book makes you appreciate Jesus all the more. $3.95.
  • From Generation to Generation by Pat Smith. This is THE best book we’ve ever read on intergenerational healing. $14.00.
  • C.S. Lewis.  A mini-biography of this great man of God and creator of the Narnia series (and so many other helpful books).  $4.95.
  • A Love Observed: Joy Davidman’s Life and Marriage to C. S. Lewis by Lyle W. Dorsett. So many of us value the writings of C. S. Lewis, and many of us know how he found love and romance towards the end of his life. This is the story of his wife. (The author is donating the proceeds of the sale of this book to the building fund.) $12.00.
  • It Was a Miracle by Kamila Blessing.  In a similar vein to the previous book but about healing miracles experienced by people just like us — and just like your friends and family who need encouragement to believe God is still at work.  $10.00.
  • He Did This for You by Max Lucado.  Another easy-to-read little book, this one emphasizing how Jesus died for you, for your sins, so you can be saved.  Also good for your personal review and to give to others.  $2.99.
  • God’s Promises for Your Every Need.  Do you need to know what God PROMISES in a whole variety of situations — such as What to do when you feel (a whole variety of different things); What to do when you are (a whole variety of different things); What to do when (a whole variety of different things)?  You get the idea.  These are not happy little thoughts.  These are God’s PROMISES to YOU.  $3.99.
  • Transformed Temperaments by Tim LaHaye.  Peter, Moses, Paul and Abraham had very different temperaments, each with its strengths and weaknesses.  Each person was used of God once each person let God make him a more improved, holier version of who he was.  So often we try to be someone else.  Instead, God wants us to be a better version of OURSELVES.  Here’s how.  $5.99.
  • The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan.  This has been a classis for centuries.  It’s a story about one man’s search for eternal life and a lesson for us all.  It’s one of those books that every Christian must read sometime early in his or her discipleship.  Have you read it yet?  $5.99.
  • There is a Lad Here by David Collins.  David – with his wife Ginny – was a leader in the charismatic renewal in the Episcopal Church for three decades.  Here’s his story.  This book will of great interest to those who know and love the Collinses; to those who for many years have been part of the charismatic renewal; and to those who want a good reminder of this great move of God.  I use it as a seminary text in the History of the Holy Spirit course in the seminary I teach at.  $15.00.
  • Six Steps to Spiritual Revival by Pat Robertson.  I believe all Christians want real revival in our country.  Christians tend to make one of two mistakes as we want revival.  Either we try to do God’s part and the “renewal” we get is gimmicky and “fleshly,” or else we sit passively by and just wish revival would come.  The fact is, in a real revival there’s God’s part and there’s our part.  This easy-to-read mini-book outlines OUR part in revival.  $9.99.

LIVING WORD BOOKLETS (produced by Institute for Christian Renewal)

(People are constantly asking us how they can get multiple copies of our well-regarded booklets for discussion groups and adult classes.  Here’s how.  Want to check them out first?  Buy just  one of each at first.  If you like them, buy them in bulk.  We’re holding these prices constant for the year 2007.)

*TWELVE PRINCIPLES OF SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP by the Rt. Rev. Alden M. Hathaway, retired Episcopal Bishop of Pittsburgh.  Are you on your church’s vestry or leadership/executive board?  Want to know how to lead the way God wants leaders to lead?  Here’s the booklet you and your leadership group needs.  1 copy – 50 cents; 25 – $8.

*HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE by Canon Mark Pearson. Some helpful principles on how to get the most out of your Bible study.  1 copy – 75 cents; 25 – $12.

*SIN AND FORGIVENESS by Canon Mark Pearson.  Satan will try either to get us to deny our sin or else wallow in it.  What does God want?  1 copy – 50 cents; 25 – $8.

*GOD’S PATIENT LOVE by Lutheran Pastor Arthur M. Vincent.  Helpful encouragement.  1 copy – 40 cents; 25 – $7.

*WHY DOES GOD ALLOW EVIL? by Canon Mark Pearson.  The question everyone asks, especially when there’s a major tragedy. 1 copy – 50 cents; 25 – $8.

*DAILY QUIET TIME by Hallie M. Cowan.  Solid help on how to have your personal time with God each day.  1 copy – 75 cents; 25 – $12.

*FEASTING AND FASTING by the Revs. Peter C. Moore and Andrew G. Osmun.  How to rejoice for the provision God has given you and how to fast in a way that is true to Scripture and helpful to you.   1 copy – 75 cents; 25 – $12.

*PRAYER — TWO BOOKLETS: The Technique of Prayer by Canon Clifton Best and How to Pray by the Rev. Edwin Stube.  Two basic booklets sold as a pair.  1 copy of both – $1.  25 – $16.


Can you state in 30 seconds how the Lord has touched your life and changed you?  You’d like to, but probably not.  Here’s help.  The new workbook, Can I Get a Witness, makes sharing your faith easy, natural and normal.  This is the workbook for the 1-2-3 Witness Seminar.   And, clergy and lay leaders, there’s a Leader’s Manual giving all the tools / schedules you’ll need to run a witnessing seminar for your church.

Can I Get a Witness workbook: $14.99 each.  Workbook and Leader’s Manual: $27.98 for both.

Author / seminar developer Deacon Rick Zepernick is also available to run such a day-long workshop in your church.  Get in touch with him at (631) 714-5678 or  Canon Mark hosted Deacon Rick and his seminar and says, “A-plus!  I encourage you to have such a seminar in your church.”HOW TO ORDER:

US Customers only: List titles and quantity desired of each book. Total up the cost. ADD postage / handling: for orders under $47, add $3.75. For orders $47 and over, add 8%.

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