Closeout Book Sale


We’re closing down our bookstore (with the exception of Cn. Mark’s books) and offering our stock at considerable savings.


So You Want to be in Pictures? compiled by Ted Baehr with chapters by several Christians in Hollywood.  This book is a must for any Christian who is interested in movies, either as a scriptwriter, actor, or just a more informed fan. SALE $10.

How Do We Know When It’s God (A Spiritual Memoir by Dan Wakefield).  We’d Rabbi Harold Kushner notes that by taking “an unsparingly honest look at his own life and faith, Dan Wakefield challenges us to look honestly at our own.”  HARDBACK.  Originally published at $23.  SALE $8.

The Holiness-Pentecostal Tradition: Charismatic Movements in the Twentieth Century by Vinson Synan.  Long a leader in Holy Spirit renewal, son of a Pentecostal bishop, and seminary professor and later dean, Synan is first and foremost a most capable church historian.   SALE $15.

How to Have an Intentional Healing Ministry in Your Church.  Lots of helpful examples.  Often our church’s healing ministry has gotten into a rut, fewer people are availing themselves of it, or both.  Are there other ways to offer this ministry to people.  Lots of insights and models.  SALE $6.

Spirituality & History.    Religious experience is something our heart yearns for, but experience can be either seen as “one size fits all” or “anything goes.”  And, in the bigger picture, movements of spirituality can influence civilization (and history) for good and for ill.     SALE $10.

The Media Wise Family: A Christian family guide to making morally and spiritually responsible decisions about movies, TV and multimedia.  The author, long active in ministry in Hollywood helps us as we guide our children and our church, knowing that turning a blind eye and blanket condemnation are two unwise and ineffective strategies.  SALE $12.

Embryo – A Defense of Human Life.  A careful treatment of a moral issue that is ever before us.  Hardback. SALE $14.

Fishing for the Abundant Life: A Journey of Faith.  A Christian businessman and avid fisherman tells his story.  Do you have a male family or church member who loves to fish and is “open” to the Gospel?  Give him this book!  SALE $14.

How to Preach Without Notes.  We’d love to so many reasons but we don’t want to lay an egg either.  SALE $10.

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart.  Written by evangelical professors for clergy, a helpful guide for those of us who regularly craft sermons and lessons.  We don’t want to deny the reliability of Scripture but we don’t want to be mindless either.  This book will shape how we approach God’s Word rightly.  SALE $10.

In Pursuit of Peace: 21 Ways to Conquer Anxiety, Fear and Discontentment    by Joyce Meyer.  HARDBACK: SALE $14.

TWO BOOKS ON THE SECOND COMING.  The Second Coming is an article of the Creed and a prominent topic in the New Testament.  It’s important we examine the subject from various perspectives.  Here are two:       

** Jesus is Coming: God’s HOPE for a Restless World.  A businessman/layman in the Methodist Episcopal Church in the late 1800s covers the topic from a Protestant dispensational perspective.  SALE $8.

**  The Final Hour.  We have read books about the second coming – some sane (though, because of the topic) scary, some farfetched – from a Protestant perspective. This book is from a Roman Catholic writer and, of course, covers various alleged Marian appearances.  A welcome book to lay alongside the other books we have on the topic.  SALE $8.

There is a Lad Here. David Collins was for many years the Dean of the Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta and President of the House of Deputies.  David was a leader of Holy Spirit renewal during crucial years in the life of main line churches.  Here’s his story – one that can inform us as we seek to serve Christ and His Church in our own day.  SALE $9.

Seeking God Together by Alice Fryling – An introduction to Group Spiritual Direction.  SALE $9.

Historical Criticism of the Bible: Reflections of a Bultmannian turned Evangelical by Eta Linnemann.  Can we uphold a high view of the authority and reliability of Scripture yet keep intellectual integrity?  Or even, can someone with intellectual integrity uphold those theologies that deny Scripture’s veracity?  SALE $7.

Practicing the Way of Jesus: Life Together in the Kingdom of Love by Mark Scandrette.  Stories, ideas and practical exercises to help us follow Jesus in ways that liberate us and those we love. SALE $9.

A Just Forgiveness: Responsible Healing without Excusing Injustice by Everett Worthington. Too often forgiveness is too permissive and seeking justice too judgmental.  How can we keep biblical balance? SALE $11.

God Meant it for Good by R. T. Kendall.  A wonderful, helpful walk through the story of Joseph.  SALE $7.

Evangelizing the New Age. The Power of the Gospel verses an attractive, seductive spirituality that is grabbing friends and loved ones.  SALE $5.

The Pursuit of God in the Company of Friends.  In your growth in God you do not have to walk alone. Guidance for Christian community as a group of people that are committed to the Lord and to each other.  SALE $8.

I am a Church Member.  Give this to someone who has just become part of your church.  Wise guidance.  SALE $8.


ANOINTING OIL in a gel form in a screw-top plastic container.  No muss or fuss.  SALE $6.00.


How to order: because in many cases we have only a few copies of each title, EMAIL US your order at .  We will set aside as many books as we have remaining and let you know the cost.