Canon Mark’s Books

These items by Canon Mark Pearson are available by mail order or by phone during regular office hours.   Please call (603) 642-3002 between 9 am and 2 pm Tuesday through Thursday or email your request to

US Customers only: List titles and quantity desired of each book. Total up the cost. ADD postage / handling: for orders under $47, add $3.75. For orders $47 and over, add 8%.


Boot Camp for Christians

  Forty mini-chapters covering the basic Gospel message, each season of the Church Year, Christian growth, and questions facing us today.   Price $12.00

The Basics of the Faith

  While the book uses the Catechism of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer as a base, this book is suitable for individuals, and for membership classes or study groups of any denomination.                                                           Price $7.00

Free to Be Me  

Replaces Why Can’t I Be Me? now out of print.  It’s about how to understand the varieties of personality type, so you can accept yours, recognize areas where improvement is needed, build bridges to others especially at home, on the job, and on church leadership teams.  This material has saved marriages (literally) and helped church leaders to work much better together.  Time to invest in this wisdom!  Also available as a 4 cd set for $18.00 (sold below).                                                                                         Price $7.00

Christian Healing

This book explains Christian healing and offers practical help to individuals and to healing teams wanting to minister to others.  It’s been in print for twenty years and rightly so.                                                                         Price $16.00

Compact Discs (Cds) 

Steps to Inner Healing   Series 1300; a 3 cd set.  $14.00

A Day of Inner Healing   Series 1400; a 4 cd set  $18.00

Free to Be Me   Series 1401; a 4 cd set $18.00

An Introduction to Inner Healing  Series 1500; a 5 cd set $24.00

What Does God Expect From Us in Worship?   Single cd $4.00

Roadblocks to Healing   Single cd $4.00

Six Reasons I Believe in the Healing Ministry and Jesus Heals Two People

Single cd $4.00

The Care and Feeding of the Healing Team Member    Single cd $4.00

Blue Christmas   Single cd $4.00

Who Is the Holy Spirit?  Single cd $4.00

The Holy Spirit and Words of Knowledge by Dr. Mary Pearson

a Single cd $4.00

One thought on “Canon Mark’s Books

  1. Reverend Canon Mark A. Pearson

    Some months ago; I purchased you book; THE BASICS OF THE FAITH. This is the best I have ever bought about faith. I must have high-lighted at least a quarter of the book. It is very easy to understand. Although I still have a wee bit of trouble understanding the Trinity.

    God bless

    Lisa Pratt

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